// My Story //

"We can do this together, but it has to come from you" said my fiancé as we sat designing my website. It resonated with me. The acceptance of asking for help, but the honesty in realising you have to do the work yourself to fulfill it. To truly embody it and make it your own.


Growing up, I spent years immersed in a way of life that, like most, was learnt from society and the peers in my life. But something never quite felt right. I was automating the same habits of those around me without even considering them, going through the motions of expectation. It wasn't until my mental and physical wellbeing declined, that I realised it was the way I was living that was making me unhappy. And how I perceived myself.


So how do you change that? How do change your own perception of yourself in the world? How do you find your place?


After 6 years of exploring different external environments, relationships and interests, and tons of reading, retreats and therapies. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery (in all it's cheesy glory!) The reason timeless expressions are timeless is that they often ring true. We are not the first, and certainly not the last to walk this path of conscious living.


It wan't until I started studying Naturopathic Nutrition and the Ayurvedic Lifestyle, that I discovered the habits that would help me find balance on an ever-changing and unpredictable journey. It is with these habits, skills and lessons that I have found my connection to self. Learning to trust my intuition and hopefully being wise enough to act upon it.

These are the lessons, skills and tools that I am here to pass on. The path to self-discovery is long and winding, sometimes even crazy, feeling like you have taken one step forwards and ten diagonally backwards and in a spin. Through self-observation and reflection, we learn to use our intuition to study the vessels that hold us, tapping into a deeper body integrity. We are all here to fulfil a deeper purpose, our dharma, and through these habits we learn to explore what makes us tick and what is holding us back.

There is no finish line, no end goal. Each day, when we go to bed, at night, we are a different person to that of when we woke up that morning. Learning how to optimise our cellular capacity through lifestyle and dietary choices, we can tap into a deeper consciousness and find a way of dealing with things that arise out of our control.

It's one thing to read, study and learn the insides out what we should be doing to keep our mind, body and soul healthy. It's another thing entirely to embody those teachings, putting the work in ourselves to feel a deeper nourishment and connectivity.

My wish is to help you to tap into your innate, unique body wisdom, through the teachings of Ayurveda and coaching you how to go within and listen to your intuition

My dharma is to support those of us waking up to their higher purpose, through supporting you to learn how to listen to the voice within and evolve to the next level.

© 2018 by Faye Blake.