Hey, I'm Faye.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried to grow, to get healthy and thrive throughout life. 


It just hasn't stuck. 


If this sounds like you, you're on this site for a reason!

You are able to change for good...The opportunity is here!

Not by becoming someone else, but by becoming more yourself!

Connect to the voice within...Live Intuitively.

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We are all here to live with

passion and purpose.

Are you ready...

To deeply heal your body?

To expand your potential?

To stop putting your heart’s desires on hold?

To take your health into your own hands?


I will guide you every step of the way.
Starting with holding the space for you to connect to your deeper dreams.

With a lovely conversation

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Hey you, ​

If you're like me, you've settled for feeling okay,
instead of feeling GREAT.


It's not that you don't want a deeply fulfilling life...
To attune to your soul everyday...


You've tried things like vegertarianism, eating organic, 

and you do your best to get some yoga in during the week.

You get hits of happiness here and there...Enough to keep you going...

But in the daily grind, it quickly gets away from you. 


There's not enough time in the day to get everything done, 

and at the end of the day, you're wiped.

Self Care is usually the first thing to fall away.

Self Care has become a luxury instead of a necessity.

Honestly, your body has become an afterthought.


You know what you need to do, 

but can't get daily practices to stick.

I get it. I was there too.

Deep down, I knew I wasn't living into my potential.

I wanted to feel vibrant, free, and at home in my body...


To be more authentic in my relationships...

To have enough energy to exercise daily...

To wake up without feeling anxious.


Unfortunately, cultural patterns of productivity kept sucking me into 

overwhelm and exhaustion. Peaks and valleys. 

One week, my energy was great. The next week, it dragged.

Does this sound familiar? 


I'm here to tell you, I understand. 



I know I can help you. 

I believe everyone should to be waking up each day 

feeling clear, energized, inspired, and confident in their body, and their life.

What I've discovered is..

Healthy habits are the glue.


If you aren’t evolving your habits with a set formula, 

I guarantee you are underperforming in every area of your life.


When your body is thriving, other parts of your life thrive. 

You "fall into rhythm" with your natural cycles.


You rise, naturally.

And you become the authentic, vibrant, passionate you that you were born to be!


So here’s the holistic “health education” I wish I could have had as a child.


The 5,000 year-old wisdom that has been curated, tested, and explored.


I’m sharing it all with you: Ideas, techniques, and solid action steps that will 

radically change you and your world from the inside out.


Awaken your potential through the portal of your body...


Because the wisdom is in the body.

Which is far too often the last place we look. 

Let's change that now, shall we? 


With love, Faye xx

This course is for you if...


You've got a lot going on.

You want the habits of regeneration, not degeneration.

You want to live your life feeling rooted and radiant.

You want to be more fit, vibrant, and strong.

You want to wake up feeling light, energized, and inspired.

You want to make better food faster.

You want a better flow and more free time in your day.

You want to be connected with a dynamic group who are actively evolving.

Live Intuitively Coaching Program

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A unique, life-changing experience where we engage step-by-step with 10 daily habits that bring mind, body, and spirit into balance.

Over the course of the year, you will learn to take impeccable care of yourself within a dynamic group experience.

Unless you’re actively involved in a culture that promotes wellness, you’re likely struggling with stress and habits that degrade your holistic health.

The effects of chronic stress and poor habits compound over time, leading to any combination of overwhelm, low energy, being uncomfortable in your skin, mental + emotional imbalances, disease and immunological disorders.

In this program, I use my expertise in heart-centered living, yogic philosophy, teaching, and human behavior to coach you compassionately through lifestyle changes that promote regeneration, rejuvenation, and flow in your life.


Simple changes, powerful impact.

In Live Intuitively, we use habits based in Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga.

We approach change through curiosity and experimentation, and we make changes gradually, so that they’re sustainable over time.

Being a course member here is like belonging to a gym that tailors to your mind, body, and spirit.

In the gym, there’s a group of motivated, compassionate people with goals similar to yours who are there to support you as you support them.

And there’s a personal trainer (that’s me!) who sees where you want to go and coaches you in getting there. Oh, and also – the gym can go with you anywhere, because you access it through your smartphone or computer. 


Changing your habits takes time.

That’s why Live Intuitively lasts for a whole year. Each quarter, we spend one week on each of the 10 habits (e.g. starting the day right & healthier eating guidelines). You’ll receive expert guidance and support on how to implement these habits using behavior science and solution-focused approaches.

Each quarter is an opportunity to shift, becoming more yourself, more authentic, as you develop your relationship with the habits, yourself, and the world around you.

Live Intuitively relies on the power of a dynamic group of people who are dedicated to your development as well as their own. The group provides consistent support, information, inspiration, and accountability. At every quarter, new members join the group. Those who have been through one or more quarters take on a leadership role, while those new to the group benefit from mentorship from the more experienced members.


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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Allison K

Toward the end of my first cycle through adopting 10 Ayurvedic habits with Faye, I am able for the first time in my life to viscerally visualize my ideal healthy body. Not what I might look like (that has always been easy and fun to imagine) but more importantly what I would feel like - my energy, my weight, my sense of nourishment and satisfaction. My words alone cannot sufficiently describe this beautifully motivating feeling. 


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Jessica D

For years, I tried to implement change on my own. My deep growth process took place when I surrounded myself with a support system that held me accountable and let me share my wins. Anyone can look at a list of habits and try to implement them. In fact, some of these habits were already familiar to me when I started. What I really needed was a a mentor and a community with similar visions for the future to encourage me to put in the practice of repatterning my mind and body. This is what continues to propel me to that next level. This is more than just habits. It's a guided personal transformation.

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Ashley M

These habits have been a complete game changer in my life, they have become nonnegotiable. They are the foundation in my life that keeps me ground and steady through the waves of uncertainty in the days and seasons. I am more deeply connected to the needs of my body and no longer ruled by my mind. I want to do more and be more and now I can serve in ways I never thought possible for my family and my community.

Here's just a taste of what you'll master in this life changing year...

The Key to Embedding the Habits of
Radiant Longevity So They Stick with You For Life...
When you get coached by me, it becomes simple, and actually quite effortless, to awaken a better daily rhythm. I call it "Falling into Balance". 


Our Peak Performance, Deep Rejuvenation Daily Method ~ Which Improves Your Focus + Your Energy...

You’ll learn to optimize your day and night to have predictable crystal clear focus balanced by deep rejuvenation. You'll upgrade your home and office to be sanctuaries for your soul.


The 3 Simple Steps to Master Any Habit 

in any Area of Your Life...

You'll never wonder how to redesign a part of your life into better alignment again. You'll have me and the other thrivers guide you into habit mastery which you'll use for life - well beyond your body habits!


The 10 Habits of Yogis + Ayurvedic Masters that Unlock Easeful Living...

Do you ever feel like you're missing out on the experience of relaxed, aligned easeful living in your day to day? You will integrate the 10 Earth Goddess habits to unlock the easeful living - no matter how out of whack you feel when you join us.


How to Use the Live Intuitively Habits to Decrease Inflammation, Chronic Digestive Issues, Anxiety or Depression, and More...

I take responsibility in guiding people into wellness. These habits have helped hundreds of members over time out of long-standing, deep seated issues that seemed impossible to uproot. Wouldn't it be lovely to feel better in your body, and attune to your soul everyday?

Be Guided Every Step of the Way by me...

Faye Blake ~ Yoga Health Coach ~ 

The BEST bit? 

All this from the Comfort Of Your Living Room!

About Faye...

I’m the creator of Live Intuitively Coaching ...and a Yoga Health Coach, a furr baby mama, a climber, a lover of plants as medicine, animals, nature, and food.

My professional background is in Naturopathic Nutrition, as well as Bodywork and Teaching Yoga.

I struggled through life to find purpose and a home in my own skin. Not willing to settle with feeling 'ok', I went on a search to find a way to feel vibrant and alive from within.

It was so worth it. The funny thing is, it was inside me all along!

I just needed to align my daily habits & rituals to tap into it.

I now share this deep inner wisdom, guiding people within themselves to access their own vitality and unique inner knowing.

I do this through my 'Live Intuitively Coaching' course, online classes, live events, and more. 

I believe everyone has a part of them that is always clear, centred and connected to the rhythms of the earth. I am motivated to help you connect back to this part of you that is simple, wild, and free. These qualities are not about something we do, but about something we feel!


Live Intuitively Coaching is a combination of everything that I have learnt from teachers and mentors, that has helped me to know, love & trust the voice within me.

The program is focused on how to apply wisdom from the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Philosophy to optimise our body and our lives. The course was born from my studies with Cate Stillman of Yogahealer; plus a lifetime of exploration into myself, healing, travel, relationships, the body, being of service, and living my dream. 

I'd be honored to coach you through the habits that have changed MY life in such a profound way. It's personal. And we get results… fast.

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You're here because you are ready for a shift!

Live Intuitively Coaching

October 2020 Group kicks off in...

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