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If you want to awaken all of humanity,

awaken all of you.


                                   - Lao Tzu

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We are wonder-full, complex, energetic beings, each uniquely built from nature's elements...

Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth

We're not just our minds, or our bodies...we are many layers.

To fully accept, know and love ourselves, 

we have to awaken and energise ourselves on each and every one of these layers.



The foods we consume, the emotions we experience, our daily encounters, and the relationships we nurture, all shape us as individuals from these 5 elements, determining the vibration of our being.

Low vibration = living with dis-ease, stress, disconnect and resignation

High vibration = living in flow, with creativity, purpose and meaning

Ayurveda, nature's wisdom, gives us a lens through which to see what's going on inside...

like a map to our inner worlds!

Align with nature's rhythm, and you'll begin to release the excess elements that build up, block, and clutter, our body's communication pathways, resulting in disharmony and confusion in body, mind & spirit.

As these pathways clear, we begin to integrate each layer of us, raising our vibration and allowing our inner light to shine through...

we get to listen to the voice within.

Live Intuitively

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"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

- Yung Pueblo

Are you ready...

To make peace with, and love, every inch of the skin you are in?

To create inner harmony, and become your own best friend?

To release yourself from old emotions, self sabotage, and limiting beliefs?

To stop putting your heart’s desires on hold?

To step into the driver's seat of your life?

Unfortunately we weren't taught these things growing up, but we have the ability to learn them ourselves!

We have to see ourselves as energetic beings, and learn how our everyday habits are shaping our current reality.

To change our reality, we have to change our habits, and the way we show up for ourselves in our day to day lives!

This is what I do best, this is what I LOVE...

I'm here to help raise the vibration of our beautiful planet, and that starts by us all individually taking responsibility of our own healing.

We each have a unique gift that the world needs us to connect with...

it's there inside of us, we just have to peel back the layers of the past to be able to hear it!

I will guide you every step of the way.
Starting with holding the space for you to pause and listen to the voice within, uncovering your deeper dreams.

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Allison K

Toward the end of my first cycle through adopting 10 Ayurvedic habits with Faye, I am able for the first time in my life to viscerally visualize my ideal healthy body.

Not what I might look like (that has always been easy and fun to imagine) but more importantly what I would feel like - my energy, my weight, my sense of nourishment and satisfaction. My words alone cannot sufficiently describe this beautifully motivating feeling. 


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Jessica D

For years, I tried to implement change on my own. My deep growth process took place when I surrounded myself with a support system that held me accountable and let me share my wins.

Anyone can look at a list of habits and try to implement them. In fact, some of these habits were already familiar to me when I started.

What I really needed was a a mentor and a community with similar visions for the future to encourage me to put in the practice of repatterning my mind and body. This is what continues to propel me to that next level. This is more than just habits. It's a guided personal transformation.

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Ashley M

These habits have been a complete game changer in my life, they have become nonnegotiable. They are the foundation in my life that keeps me grounded and steady through the waves of uncertainty in the days and seasons. I am more deeply connected to the needs of my body and am no longer ruled by my mind. I want to do more and be more and now I can serve in ways I never thought possible for my family and my community.

Live Intuitively Coaching
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